Investing in the Right Values,
Pursuing Sustainable Growth
We strive to deliver differentiated opportunities to our investors
and partner companies through our unique expertise.
Strategic Insights Delivering
Exceptional Returns
Our commitment to analytical rigor and innovative thinking
drives superior outcomes for our stakeholders.
Empowering Potential and
Creating Lasting Impacts
We leverage our deep industry and market knowledge to unlock untapped value
and drive transformative growth for our partner companies.
    About Centroid CENTROID is a leading multi-asset alternative investment firm
    focused on private equity and real estate investments

    A centroid is defined as the center of mass of an object.
    We strive to serve as such a central force in global financial markets by maximizing our value-add to investors and partner companies.

    Founded in 2019, Centroid is the only private equity firm in Korea with a multibillion-dollar cross-border buyout track record.
    The firm focuses on developing unique investment opportunities with the potential for long-term growth and sustainable value creation,
    which is enabled through a combination of deep industry knowledge and differentiated cross-border commercial development capabilities.

    Portfolio At Centroid Investment Partners,

    our investment strategies are centered on buyout and significant minority investments in developed countries.
    We focus on adding value to our portfolio companies through both organic and inorganic growth strategies,
    such as supporting new market expansion opportunities and executing value-additive bolt-on investments.
    The firm manages robust, value-driven portfolio that is best positioned to capitalize on dynamic market opportunities
    and deliver differentiated returns.

    Professionals CENTROID Professionals

    Centroid is comprised of highly experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds including finance, consulting,
    and corporate management. Each individual brings a unique perspective and specialized expertise to the team,
    dedicating their deep industry knowledge to our investment and portfolio management practices.